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As the judge of the amv contest, I will make sure to explain everything.
What is an AMV? An AMV is basically an anime music video. Basically you set the music that you want for the anime, then cut bits from anime and put then in the video and edit them so that it looks appealing. For those... *ahem* less skilled I suppose you could just throw pictures in a slide show, and I can do a separate contest. Now, there WILL be a prize for the first and second prize winners. The rules for the AMV contest are as follows:
No nudity
Limited Cussing
There. That's a not too many rules now then. Stop reading this and get to work. The deadline is 3 weeks from now. If you have any more questions, just send me a PM and I will reply as quickly as possible. As for the rules about the fanfic contest, pester Kellis until she posts on here. Razz
Have fun ^_^

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