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Post  kellisan1234 on Thu Jan 17, 2013 12:00 am

hey guys! joe finally made an art section! This is very self explanitory but here are description, purpose, and rules for the section

Purpose for this: for people who have the desire to draw to post them on here!

1:dont insult other people's art; they took their time and pride to post their pics onto the forum! instead just tell them what they need to improve on
2: sadly, no porn...... we have to keep it rated PG.....
3: include your DA/photo bucket/ whatever art/photo website link you have in your desc so we can see a higher quality of it
4: if you recorded it on youtube, send a link! i wanna see it and i bet people also want to also
5: go nuts! i know i am >Very Happy ok bye...

if you want my DA its here:

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