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Post  kellisan1234 on Thu Jan 17, 2013 12:06 am

goddam it joe... anyways FANFIC! you know fanfic! the thing with the anime and the mostly porn and the writing and the... yea...... ok make it quick and simple rules!
1:NO COPING! fuckin hate that Neutral
2:1000-2000 words is your limit which is 2-3 pages
3: dont bag other contestant's work; its rude Neutral
4: you can do other fandoms to expand the options, not just anime. ex: homestuck, my little pony, etc.
5:sadly, no sex in the fanfic.. you can add nudity in your story... just no sex.... sadly :<
6: have fun! Very Happy

you have 2-3 weeks to complete it. and knowing me, i hate reading so imma have joe help me because im a lazy ass of an asian..... so yea... go nuts! Very Happy

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