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Alright everyone. This forum really needs to be used more, so I am going to stop telling everyone what we are doing, and what my plans are. I will post them only here and possibly on the Facebook page, because the forum will become essential to the club in the near future. Also, it will help if, say, you don't have a flash drive or something, you can post whatever it is that you needed on here, and it will be judged. The deadlines for everything will be posted here, and once I can figure out how to use the damned calendar, I will start posting what we will be doing every single week. I will still tell people who don't have wifi, or just can't get on the forum for an understandable reason, but if your just forgetful, I will not remind you. Anyway, that is all, and if you have questions or concerns, feel free to comment or pm me, and I will make sure to answer.

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