Bunch-O-Pics I gots :D

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Bunch-O-Pics I gots :D Empty Bunch-O-Pics I gots :D

Post  kellisan1234 on Tue Jan 22, 2013 12:02 am

well imma upload ALLLL the pics!! well not literally just some i got that are good.... only 2 though..... haa...

Bunch-O-Pics I gots :D Torn_angel_by_kellisan1234-d5rx7cj

If you wanna know how i did this heres a video

Bunch-O-Pics I gots :D Mspaint_challenge_gamzee_again_by_kellisan1234-d5s5ljf

yes i did this on MSpaint.... proof is here xD

you can see all i got here
ok bye!

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