Talk to me here, guys.

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Talk to me here, guys. Empty Talk to me here, guys.

Post  Link on Sat Feb 23, 2013 8:40 am

Listen. I always think about club and how I can try to make it better, but I can't do it unless you work with me. All I ask is you to check the forum and give me ideas so we can have a more enjoyable time together as opposed to just sitting around. This is NOT a social gathering for just for sitting and talking. This is a club. We need to start acting like one. And I do admit that some of that is my fault. So if you would just get on here once a night (and come on, lets face it, you are otaku. you browse the internet at least once a night.) then we could start getting some participation. We could start taking steps into where i know we would all like to go. So, if you could please just start participating, not only just in the forum, but during club too, then we could really start having a good time.

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